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Anothen is a Greek Word found throughout the New Testament, and means, “from above”. It’s the word Jesus used while speaking to Nicodemus when He said in John 3:3, “you must be born again”, or “born from above”.

Anothen is going to partner with you to help you gain full access to a new perspective that comes from a new position. Your new position grants you access to a new way to think, speak and live. It is living from above, from heaven’s perspective. 

The partnering together in the Anothen journey will unlock what this means for you. It will affect your intimacy with God, impact the measure of love in your home and increase the size of the eternal footprint of your business. It is how heaven works.

The choice to partner with us in the Anothen journey is an invitation to choose high levels of accountability. Anothen is not for the casual observer or the faint of heart. Rather it is for those who have determined that a great new epoch has dawned, that God is up to something and it appears to be market place driven. It is for those who have determined that Christian business leaders carry the hope of the world in their hands; for those Christian business leaders who desire nothing less than to partner with the God of the Universe and join a movement that will see the greatest sustainable revival the world has ever seen. 

In so doing, I want to begin your Anothen journey by modeling doing business from heaven’s perspective—Think, Speak, Live Like Heaven.

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